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Super Jiggler - 1/2"

Self-Priming Siphon Hose


Transfers 5 gallons of Liquid in 90 Seconds! And Your Lips Never Touch the Hose! No More Lifting & Pouring!!

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super jiggler self-priming pump               

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Dirt Rider is the largest off-road motorcycle magazine.

Some of our Noted Customers are Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Southwest Airlines, Abbott Rubber, Mac Tools, National Marine Suppliers, Carquest Auto Parts, Drake Auto Supply, PartSource, Select Supply Distribution, etc.

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Here are some points about our Jigglers.

  • Jiggle pump up and down quickly to start flow

  • No more sucking on siphon hoses

  • Transfers up to 5 gallons per 90 seconds

  • High quality brass fitting for excellent longevity. Lifetime Guarantee on Pump.

  • Highest quality tubing on the market (check the kinky competitors)

  • Antistatic - won't ignite flammable liquids

  • Pump water, fuel, insecticides, paints, solvents, thick oil

  • Can be connected to a garden hose with our adapter kit

  • Made in the U.S.A. - Not made in China

Our Self-Priming Shaker Siphon Hose is Simple and Safe to Use! 

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Super Jiggler works like magic. Truly a safety siphon!

super jiggler self-priming pump

100's of Uses
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super jiggler self-priming pump super jigglers jiggle for gas

The pump end of the Super Jiggler siphon has a check valve in it. This allows the liquid into the hose without it leaking back into the container you are siphoning from. When enough liquid enters the hose by shaking the pump end, the siphon draws it up and drains it into your holding container. LIKE MAGIC. Truly a safety siphon!

Super Jiggler - 1/2" Inch Description

High quality copper siphon pump (anti-static and anti-spark) with glass ball, stainless steel spring and 6 feet (1.83m) of premium food grade hose.Transfers 3-1/2 gallons per minute, depending on the viscosity of the liquid you are transferring.

The secret to the Siphon Hose is in the check valve which makes it self-priming. Our self-priming siphon hoses have a check valve that contains a spring and a glass ball inside. Shaking the hose sucks water into the copper fitting and the ball acts as the check valve so the liquid does not escape. The liquid fills the siphon line when shaking and puts suction on the line for gravity to transfer the liquid from one area to another. This type of siphoning saves from sucking on a siphon hose that may contain germs or contaminants. Truly a safety siphon!

It's a very simple siphon to use! The pump has a 3/4" outside diameter.

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