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The Truth Revealed

June 08, 2018

On occasion, I ask my V.P. to take a few hours out of his busy schedule and surf the net to see what our competitors are up to and to also check to see if our pages still have #1 ranking with Google.

On a few occasions he found some fraudsters who stole images and text blocks from our websites. A warning of a potential lawsuit for infringement usually gets these crooks to back off and delete our intellectual property from their pages.

Suffice it to say, the other day
my V.P. came to me with an almost 'look of horror' on his face. Another pirate has popped up and I say "Walk the Plank!".

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jiggle siphon

super jiggler pumps

Ours - Our pumps are fabricated with ribs/hose barbs so that when you slip the heated hose to the pump, the hose will remain on the pump after it cools.
Ours - Polished & symmetrical.
Ours - Lifetime Guarantee.

Theirs - No ribs. What is keeping the hose from sliding off when in use?
Theirs - Very unsymmetrical. Looks like it has been hand carved from a chunk of copper.
Theirs - No guarantee.

The fact that their pumps are definitely inferior to ours and much cheaper to manufacture they retail them cheaper than us. But remember, you get what you pay for.
If these pumps are manufactured in the U.S. I will eat your socks!!

Not withstanding the fact that they are selling chinese crap, they also stole intellectual property from our website. They also duplicated our idea of offering many different sizes of pumps and different lengths of hose. Also, we were the first company to offer our pumps with a clear hose, so our customers could see the liquid flowing. Prior to this, everyone re-selling jigglers were selling a dark blue hose with the pump. Almost impossible to see liquid flow, thus creating a messy situation!


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