Super Jiggler - Self-Priming One Inch Siphon Hose Pump

Transfers 10 gallons of Liquid in 60 Seconds !!

And Your Lips Never Touch the Hose!!

The Super Jiggler - Self-Priming One Inch Siphon Hose Pump is the fastest self-priming siphon pump in the marketplace. It is almost twice the size of other pumps out there - anywhere!

Super Jiggler - 1" Inch Description

Made out of hard durable plastic utilizing a large marble and spring within the activate the pump you attach a desired length of 1" inch ID hose and hose clamp or zip tie to the siphon pump and it's ready for use .... You would buy the hose at your local hardware or building supply outlet.

We do not include the hose because of the higher shipping costs involved. You can purchase your own hose for less than what we would have to charge you for shipping!

jiggle pump


  • Jiggle pump up and down quickly to start flow
  • Antistatic - won't ignite flammable liquids
  • Pumps water, fuel, insecticides, etc.
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Not made in China

Our Self-Priming Shaker Siphon Hose is Simple and Safe to Use!


Super Jiggler works like magic. Truly a safety siphon!

100's of Uses

The pump end of the Super Jiggler siphon has a check valve in it. This allows the liquid into the hose without it leaking back into the container you are siphoning from. When enough liquid enters the hose by shaking the pump end, the siphon draws it up and drains it into your holding container. LIKE MAGIC. Truly a safety siphon!

Transfers over 10 Gallons per minute!

The pump is 1 3/4" at it's widest diameter.

It's a very Simple Siphon to Use!

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