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We are currently forming partnerships with resellers in United States and Canada. You could become one of the first in your area to offer our Super Jigglers to your customers. Sell at Flea Markets, Boat Shows, Car Shows, Swap Meets, ATV and Snowmobile Shops, and the list is endless!

super jigglerWe strive to ensure that our Super Jigglers are sold to wholesalers, retailers and consumers through Authorized Dealers. We ask that you provide a high level of customer service, product knowledge and a positive selling experience.

Authorized Distributors will need to understand our product, have merchandise available for consumers to purchase, and provide excellent customer service that is expected with every Super Jiggler purchase. So, if you are looking for a Great Way to Supplement Your Income, fill out our Distributor Application Form below.

We have two product purchasing plans to help you drive extra income your way.

PLAN #1 - Super Jiggler™ 1/2" with packaging

PLAN #2 - Super Jiggler™ 1/2" pumps without hose & packaging

PLAN #1 - Resell our Packaged Super Jiggler™ 1/2" - Approximately 50 percent markup less shipping costs.


* 10 - 49 units = $10.00 ea.

* 50 - 99 units = $9.00 ea. 

* 100 - 499 units= $8.00 ea.

*  500 - 999 units = $7.00 ea.

* 1,000 plus units= $6.00 ea.

Suggested Retail is $19.95

(approximate shipping costs to air mail 12 to 15 packaged hoses is $35.00)

PLAN #2 - Super Jiggler™ 1/2" pumps without hose & packaging - Approximately 70 percent markup less shipping costs.

Buy our Pumps, Assemble Yourself and Maximize Your Profits! Read below for further information.

Our hoses are of the highest quality, making them very heavy and that is reflected in our shipping costs. We encourage all dealers to purchase our bulk pumps and attach the hose themselves. It is very easy to do and we will show you how. This will save you big money on shipping charges from us!

Order the bulk pumps, buy the hose at your local Home Depot (any building supply outlet) and assemble the siphons yourself. This is the hose you would need to get for your pumps... click here. Your cost per hose by doing this yourself, is approximately $1.00 to $1.50 per hose.

The finished packaging seen above, is also easy and inexpensive to put together, if you want to offer your customers the packaging. The poly bags and the header card might cost you approximately $1.00 per unit. We can email you a PDF file of the header card (with your company info on it), you print it out, place the Super Jiggler in a bag, staple the card to the bag and you are ready to go. This is recommended as any retailer that you have on board, will know that you are their Super Jiggler supplier and will reorder from you directly!

Costs per Bulk Pumps

siphon hose

* 30 units = $6.80 USD ea.

* 100 units= $5.10 USD ea.

* 250 units= $4.25 USD ea.

* 500 - 999 units = $3.40 USD ea.

* 1,000 plus units= $3.00 USD ea.

(approximate shipping costs to air mail 100 pumps is $35.00)

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