Super Jiggler 1/2" DELUXE Kit



Super Jiggler 1/2" Siphon Pump -
You get the high quality ABS siphon pump (anti-static and anti-spark) with glass ball, stainless steel spring and 6 feet (1.83m) of premium food grade hose. (SRP:$14.95)

1/2" Straight Hose Mender -
For connecting two pieces of flexible tubing. Used in fluid plumbing applications requiring the connection of two hoses. Commonly called a hose splice fitting or a shim fitting.(SRP: $2.00).

3/8" Adapter Line.
Use for transferring fuel into small engine tools, (back pack blower, weed whacker, pressure washer, lawn mower, etc.) This new adapter is 12" in length and will slow the flow of gas into small fuel tanks. Simply plug it into the end opposite the pump and away you go. Reduces the chance of overflowing the tank on refills! Included free in the 1/2" Kits. (Value: $2.00)

** Our Super Jiggler pumps are attached to the highest quality tubing that we could source. "Gorilla Tube" is a non-toxic, clear vinyl chloride tubing. Gorilla Tube's extra rigid design resists crimping and kinking due to it's durometer value of 80 (Shore A) and its thicker wall. The maximum service temperature of this product is 140 F (60 C). Overall, this tubing is a much better performer in the colder weather climates than standard vinyl tubing.

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