Super Jiggler 3/8" Plastic Pump - 6 Foot Hose

Transfers 1 Gallon per minute! Great for those smaller openings! 3/8" Self Priming Plastic Pump transfers 1 Gallon per minute! Works like the 1/2" brass model and is great for those hard to get at smaller openings! Comes with 6 feet (1.83m) of premium food grade hose. This easy to use jiggle siphon valve works by vigorously shaking the hose while immersed in liquid to generate a flow. To stop the flow, simply remove siphon valve from liquid. Ideal for siphoning & transferring most liquids such as water, petrol, diesel and kerosene.

** Our Super Jiggler pumps are attached to the highest quality tubing that we could source. "Gorilla Tube" is a non-toxic, clear vinyl chloride tubing. Gorilla Tube's extra rigid design resists crimping and kinking due to it's durometer value of 80 (Shore A) and its thicker wall. The maximum service temperature of this product is 140 F (60 C). Overall, this tubing is a much better performer in the colder weather climates than standard vinyl tubing.

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